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Our company works for clients such as ENEL S.p.A., Enel Servizi S.r.l., Enel Distribuzione S.p.A., Enel DTR Campania, Il Gruppo Eni S.p.A. and municipally-owned companies as well as wholesalers of electric material.

We create solutions for the right power distribution and the control of energy's quality; the purpose is to guarantee the isolation of internal and external systems, to realize transformers for electric measurement as well as cathodic, gas and water protection, supplying the following macro categories of products:

  • Switching insulating and connecting terminal boards
  • Road cabinets
  • Switching insulating and connecting boxes to contain meters
  • Transformers
  • L.T. switchboard
  • Doors for boxes and windows to contain electronic meters
  • Supporting boards for power supply meters
  • Boxes for integrated measurement groups
  • Road cabinets for I.D.C. telecommunications modules
  • Accessories

Carpentry Products

To install MV overhead lines we produce:

  • Switch disconnector pylon
  • Isolators


We realize products to protect from atmospheric agents and to control gas and water pipes to guarantee high quality:

  • Cabinets for cathodic protection
  • Boxes for cathodic protection
  • Boards for cathodic protection
  • Cabinets to contain gas and water


Production of objects to safeguard comfort and security during travels:

  • Seats


Creation of products to guarantee important qualities such as security and reliability:

  • Seats