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ISO 9001:2008

Integrated policy for quality and environment

CER POWER S.r.l. is a supplier of electric, electronic and telephonic devices as well as of printed thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. It uses its sector’s most advanced technologies, destined to important public and private companies.

The Directorate wants to promote the diffusion of the culture of Quality, environmental and social respect at any rate of the organization as a way to obtain customers’ confidence and territory safeguard.

The company means to affirm its action’s lines to improve the environmental efficiency in order to realize a system which allows:

It has been conferred to the Manager of Environment and Quality the delegation of the Responsibility of Environmental Management System to assure the fulfillment and the maintenance of integrated management policy through:

In this regard, our ongoing activities' effects have been evaluated and controlled and all of relevant incidences have been examined. Following the environmental impacts revealed by this analysis, all of the necessary dispositions have been adopted to prevent or delete pollution; if this has been revealed impossible, the production of potential pollutants has been reduced to preserve resources, taking into account possible clean technologies, or the use of all of the useful measures to fight pollution and especially the recourse to the best available technologies (that is to say those which produce less quantity of waste, which use less dangerous substances, which permit the recovery and the reuse of given off substances, and so on).