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Research & Development

CER Power has a test center with the most sophisticated equipment to check::

Dielectric isolation by means of test with:
Measuring of current transformer's errors with:
Other electric measurement with:
Mechanical resistance (impact test, traction and torsion test, static charge resistance test) with various equipment, for instance:
Accelerated ageing with:
Dimensional test with:
Test of materials’ flammability or fire resistance according to CEI EN60439-5 rule, with:
Test of materials through sliding mode current control according to IEC 60112 rule:
Test of covering’s thickness on various materials with the use of:
Test of the over temperature of materials which are exposed to various kind of heating test with monitoring through:
Other equipment for different tests or to calibrate with our measuring instruments:

All of the instruments we have listed are periodically tared from the main SIT national calibration centres.